Hey Everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have posted ANYTHING on this blog…Geez I’m a bad blogger lol. I am posting to share what I have been up to since the last time I posted.

I’ll just begin by saying that I have had the privilege to take some pictures of some pretty awesome people! :)

This is Cheyanne. She was a senior at Shallowater High School (where I used to go to school!) and she was so fun to photograph. Her mother came along for the shoot and I couldn’t believe how sweet they were! Needless to say we had a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these two sweet people! :)





This was the senior announcement I designed for her:


So after I took pics of miss Cheyanne, I got a call from her best friend (also my sister’s best friend) asking for some senior pics to be done. If you can’t tell I love doing senior sessions! :) This is Leanna!



I had also taken Leanna’s pictures a while back with a whole group of softball players! :) That was a blast, as well as a challenge! I took team and individual pictures of the players and also made posters for them to sell as a fundraiser. This was my first time to do anything like this but thanks to the help of my mom and the cooperation of all of these beautiful girls I got it done! Here are a couple previews:



Veronica + Melvin

I met Veronica when I worked at Ulta and she is an AWESOME hair stylist! I got to where I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my hair lol! Not only was she a great hair stylist, but she is a beautiful person inside and out! When I photographed them, I had never met Melvin but I had heard a lot of good things about him! He was so friendly and sweet. Just by photographing this couple, I could see the love they have for each other. It is a rare love that is hard to find and I am so blessed that I was able to capture it. These two recently got married and I am so happy for them.







Tera! (AKA: Best Friend:))

I love this girl and I can not say enough good things about her. We met in our first semester in college livestock judging together. Come to find out, we are a lot more alike that I had really ever realized. In high school I had friends that were great, but I never knew what it meant to have a true friend until I met Tera and Jen. Tera is going to A&M and plans to graduate in May! YAY! Here are some previews of her senior pictures! :)




tera7 tera8




Danielle! (aka another one of my Best Friends)

I met Danielle when I started going to college at Texas Tech. We were in a lab group together where we had to learn the anatomy of a goat. We had to actually dissect a goat and learn where all of the muscles were and stuff. It was quite interesting. Danielle and I had a lot of fun in the group though. We started studying together, kept in touch and eventually became very good friends. :) I haven’t known her that long but she has been nothing but a good friend to me. I miss you! Here she is!




Kanyon Cross turns 1 year old!

I met Micah at South Plains college through the judging team as well! I have always taken pics of her sister’s family and she decided she wanted some year old pictures of her baby boy, Kanyon! He was such a cute little kid and we had lots of fun! Here are some of his previews:







Katy Jo | TTU Senior

This girl is so bubbly and fun and she came prepared for this photo shoot! She is such a fashionable, fun and sweet woman and I am so glad I got to photograph her! We had a lot of fun laughing and talking! She is now a TTU graduate! Here are her senior pics:









Wedding Invitations for Mackenzie May!

This girl is so pretty and sweet. I met her at TTU as well and after I was able to design her senior announcements and take her pictures, she has asked me to design anything she needs for her! This was a preview of her Wedding Invites!





Angela | TTU Senior!

Angela was so sweet, pretty, and easy going! She had heard about me in class and decided she wanted me to take her senior pics! :) SO here they are:




So that is a little bit of what I have been up to! :) I hope you enjoyed being filled in and I will definitely try to keep everyone more filled in on what is going on with Katy Lawson Photography and Designs! PS I have an ETSY shop now! I started designing things and selling them on Etsy and seems like people are liking it? lol I have had a few purchase from all over the states (Maryland, Tennessee, Florida!)! Its pretty awesome! Check out Katy Lawson Designs!

ok. bye!


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